🌟Hello guys!! 🌟

The fateful day is near!😆
Yup! 💫
The day when you will finally meet with your new brothers, the day that you will learn about our second home, and the day that our long but short story will begin. Be prepared to our very first agenda, the event that will start it all… 👌

Will be coming “very” soon🤗🤗 🎉 MOSA Mabna Syekh Sultan Hasanudin 🎉
Aiming to lay the foundation of our friendship with NUCLEUS, Nurturing Unity with Care and Liability to Enable Utmost potency in all of Us. 😇 So keep yourself updated and ready, don’t let the tension down and keep your spirits up to be the future Doctors, Nurses, Public Healths & Pharmacists!!👊👊 #MOSA2019 

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