Wisata Rohani MSN

“Applying Asy-Syeikh Al-Imaam Asy-Syarief Hidayatullah’s piety values is everything rather than visitting his grave. And this is the meaning of your agenda ‘Spiritual Visit/Wisata Rohani’. So the change of your spiritual life is our hope when you finished doing your visit”. 
This is the main point Mr. Utob Tobroni’s (Caretaker MSN) advised after early morning prayer with his Mahasantri as the sign of releasing them to go for visit.

InsyaAllah, MSN will have a spectacular agenda this upcoming year, known as WISROH. Wisata Rohani: Spiritual Journey

This agenda is scheduled on Saturday January 5th, 2019.
There are many place that we will visit, here they are:

🏛 The Great Grave of Syekh Syarif Hidayatullah ( Sunan Gunung Jati )

🕌 Pondok Pesantren Kebon Jambu Al Islamy, Babakan Ciwaringin

🏞 The Ancient Cave of Sunyaragi

🏝 Tirtamaya Beach

These agenda wouldn’t be just an ordinary trip, there will be much spiritual values you can get 😇

So, what are you waiting for? ☺
Grab your seat, and join us 😉

Warm Regards, 🙏🏻
Big Family of Mabna Syekh Nawawi

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